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... that companies continue to exist and develop positively.

CSSP is a family-owned holding and consulting company based in Salzburg, Austria and Munich, Germany with an operational and long-term approach for acquisitions.

Unlike rather short-term oriented private equity funds or passive financial investors, we see ourselves on the one hand as possible buyers of long-standing successful companies in an unregulated succession situation or in a difficult development phase. On the other hand, we see ourselves as buyers of companies that need innovative ideas to take the next big step.

Many companies reach a point where they must consider a partial or total sale. Whether it is a matter of succession, reorganization or capital.

Then it frequently requires a new outside majority shareholder. However, this can only be achieved if these new shareholders are true partners and entrepreneurs who want to actively and operationally develop the company.

CSSP is precisely that partner.

We start with the promise to use all our experience and competence to provide new opportunities for your company, as well as to preserve or lead it into a new phase that is right for you.

Because we are entrepreneurs, just like you, and we understand that preserving value is synonymous with preserving the company.


CSSP ...

... is a reliable, competent and experienced partner.


  • is a family-owned Austrian/German private holding and consulting company focused on the acquisition of small and medium-sized enterprises (annual turnover from 5 million EUR to 100 million EUR) in the GAS region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

  • concentrates on the following sectors:

    • Production driven industries (industrial goods and consumer goods)
    • Retail and service businesses

  • is a potential buyer, advisor and long-term partner of established companies that are in special situations like succession, restructuring or “carve-outs”

  • is an active entrepreneur and investor, which supports the acquired companies operationally and develops them successfully in the long-term

  • contributes strong experience and competencies as well as a strong international network of business partners

  • has a competent core team with the experience of more than 20 successful acquisitions and many renowned consulting mandates

  • is exclusively focused on the long-term value and further operational development of the company

  • offers flexible and quick decisions and acquisition agreements without long-term and complex institutional processes



CSSP concentrates ...

... above all on the operational and successful, long-term development of the companies.


  • aligns strategy and organizational structure to profitable markets, segments, products and customers

  • implements restructuring projects, efficiency improvements and cost reductions

  • develops generic and profitable sales growth:

    • Logical extension and further development of the market-, product- and service-portfolios
    • Intensified product development and product innovation
    • Development of new business areas
    • Concentration on sales and the sales organization
    • Development of new distribution channels and regional markets



CSSP is focused …

... on potential acquisitions in the following situations:

  • Succession:
    Entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a successor and the continuation of their business

  • Turn-arounds:
    Low-profitability or slightly loss-making businesses that are undergoing or require a change or transformation process

  • „Spin-offs“ or „Carve-outs“:
    Carve-outs of non-strategic business segments of larger companies



CSSP is looking for ...

… potential acquisitions with the following investment criteria:

  • Annual turnover between 5 million EUR to 100 million EUR (small to medium sized companies)

  • EBITDA margin: slightly negative to low positive

  • Focus on the following segments

    • Production driven industries (industrial goods, consumer goods)
    • Retail and service companies

  • Existing companies with a solid business and organization and with an existing product- and sales structure

  • Companies with growth and development opportunities in terms of sales and earnings

  • Companies in the GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region – opportunistically also across Europe, especially neighboring countries such as Italy, BeNeLux, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

  • Majority acquisitions, – ideally 100% 

  • Flexible transaction structures

  • No investments in “start-up”, “seed financing” or “new venture” situations


CSSP represents ...

... a competent and experienced core team of partners and consultants.

Mag. Dr. Siegmund Rudigier, MBA (INSEAD)

Co-Founding Partner

Tel.: +43 664 4317922


Private Account

CSSP Account


More than 15 years of M&A expertise in sourcing, negotiating and successfully closing corporate acquisitions as „Partner M&A“ and „Senior Advisor M&A“ with international private equity funds and investment companies. Thereof more than 10 years of experience as founder, majority shareholder and managing director of a family holding company.

More than 20 years of consulting experience as an independent „Senior Advisor“ to renowned international companies for projects in the areas of strategy, growth, M&A, restructuring and brand management.

More than 15 years of operational top management expertise as „hands-on“ CEO of international consumer goods and luxury groups.

Studies and doctorate in business administration and commercial sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration as well as a MBA at INSEAD in Fontainebleau (France).

  • „Senior Advisor M&A” at QUANTUM CAPITAL PARTNERS (Munich) and “Partner M&A” at BAVARIA INDUSTRIES GROUP AG (Munich) as well as “Management Affiliate” at MID OCEAN PARTNERS (London, New York).

  • Founder, majority shareholder and CEO of the private holding company IBH Holding (Salzburg)

  • „Consultant“ at McKINSEY (Düsseldorf, Munich, Vienna) as well as „Senior Consultant“ for well-known international companies

  • CEO and Managing Director for international companies such as JOHNSON & JOHNSON; WOLFORD; DONNA KARAN (LVMH); COMTESSE as well as PORSCHE DESIGN GROUP

Dr. Siegfried Mörz

Associated Partner


Private Account

CSSP Account


Decades of experience in the capital market and investment business, structuring and execution of around 100 financial transactions (private and public equity) paired with an international network and long-term business relationships with well-known entrepreneurs.

  • Since 2015, independent corporate consultant with a focus on M&A transactions and corporate finance, in particular complex financing structures

  • Managing Director of AUSTRO Holding, an investment holding under the leadership of Dr. Grossnigg

  • Head of and responsible for all merchant banking/private equity activities at ERSTE GROUP

  • Management Board spokesperson and founding partner of CAPEXIT, ERSTE BANK’s private equity group

  • Head of the Capital Markets department at ERSTE BANK

Claudia Rudigier

Founding & Managing Partner


Private Account

CSSP Account


  • Managing partner: Claudia Michaela Rudigier – Design and management consultancy:

    • Development, implementation and consulting of projects in the area of design and product development
    • Collection development, design of retail stores and showrooms, corporate design, advertising shootings, event organization, marketing materials, interior design, development of fragrance and accessory segments
    • Focus on fashion, fashion – accessories, fragrance, porcelain and tableware, interior design/living

  • Managing director: bag manufactory in the luxury segment

  • Design Consultant: at various fashion and accessory companies

  • Partner/co-founder: cosmetics and fragrance company



CSSP Holding GmbH
c/o Schulze Steuerberatung 
Widenmayerstraße 16
D-80538 Munich


CSSP Holding GmbH
c/o Claudia Rudigier
Hauptstrasse 24
A-5071 Wals near Salzburg

Phone: +43 664 4317922

Email: siegmund.rudigier@cssp-holding.com